ALIGN whole new V1.6 app supports MR25 BLHeli ESC, 2K DV, advanced Gain Deviation Setting (see definition below) and MR25 Lost Aircraft Finder. With the update, pilots can also add in self-arranged song remix and change Bluetooth titles. Most importantly, you can now upgrade firmware through wifi in V1.6 app anytime without connecting to your computer. So, what are you waiting for?

MR25 V2 DM-1

MR25 V2 DM-2

MR25 V2 DM-3

MRS V1.6 Firmware Update (Windows) :

MRS V1.6 Firmware Update (Mac) :

MRS V1.6 Android:

MRS V1.6 iOS:  coming soon

Update Instruction: Windows / MAC / Video

  • Add firmware update via App.
  • Add Gain Deviation Setting.
    • Gain Deviation: MR25 performance (steadiness or control feeling) depends on the adjustment of Gain Deviation. The higher the gain settings is, the better the lock performance and stable flight you will get. However, when gain value is set too high, your MR25 may process oscillation during higher throttle input or faster speed rotation. With our new Gain Deviation function, the flight system will automatically adjust gain value if the throttle input is higher than certain % degree to prevent oscillation issue.  In contrast, the flight system will also automatically adjust gain value to keep a more stable flight performance at low RPM.

MR25/MR25P Update Manual:


  • Don’t turn off APP and MR25 while updating firmware.
  • Before firmware update, please turn on mobile network or Wi-Fi and remove all propellers.
  • MR25 V1.6 firmware must and only compatible with Android V1.6 / iOS V1.6 APP.
  • After completing MR25 V1.6 firmware update, you must re-check all the parameter settings including gyro calibration before next flight.


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